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Mrs. Rydl is with John Martinez, graduate of VCHS, who has bachelors and masters from Harding University.  Currently John serves as a student counselor and teaches at Harding.    Way to go John!
"My child was having problems at school.  When I told my neighbor about it, she suggested that I check out Valley Christian Heritage.  I visited campus and talked with Mrs. Rydl and decided to move my son to Valley Christian Heritage.  I am very pleased with his progress and his change in befhavior.   Thank you VCHS!"

"VCHS has been an excellent school for my two children.  The school's values and academics are outstanding.  The structure provided has given my  children a great foundation.  I appreciate the school so much because it has helped me in educating my children." 

"I just earned by Master's Degree and it would not have been possible without the excellent academic foundation I received at VCHS"   VCHS graduate. 
Former students and those interested in supporting quality academics presented in a Christian environment are encouraged to support VCHS with your prayers and financial support.  

 Donations are tax deductable.   
Top:  Students in Bible class.  Students have 1 hour of Bible each day. 
 Middle:  Former student and graduate, Jennifer Fisher, visits with Mrs. Rydl.   Former students always welcome! 
 Bottom:  Preschoolers and kinders show eggs they found.   Everyone had so much fun!
Students enjoying picnic lunch before egg hunt.