We stress the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics (including cursive writing, spelling, and phonics) - giving each student a good foundation for other subjects.   Students needing additional help are  provided free tutoring after school.

We pride ourselves on a low student-to-teacher ratio of 12 to 1.

Our teachers (degreed, certified, and experienced) develop age-appropriate activities that introduce and strengthen academic and social skills.

In addition to the ‘basics’, we offer students a range of gross motor and creative opportunities including organized team sports. We strive to include enrichment activities that extend our students knowledge and understanding of the world outside the classroom with field trips and class presentations by professionals. 

We select the most well-rounded, challenging curriculum for each subject and for each grade level.  We use the traditional classroom approach with teacher instruction, textbooks, workbooks, classroom discussion, research, lab experiments, lectures, cooperative learning, teacher and peer tutoring, hands-on-discovery projects, and field trips.   

High school graduates are well prepared for college.   ACT report shows our graduates are 100% prepared to achieve grades of "B" or higher in all 4 major areas of study.
Just as we plant tiny, delicate seeds inside the greenhouse to protect them from the winds, storms, and weather, enabling them to grow strong and fully prepared to stand alone.... so should we protect our youth until they are fully prepared to stand on their own as adults in the world. VCHS provides a safe Christian environment where our students can grow.  
 Magda (front center) competed her first year at ACU and will attend Oxford in England in the fall as part of a special ACU program.  Three of our 4 2017 graduates are headed for Harding University and the other to a university in Mexico!!
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       cursive writing, 

                                              and phonics